Engineering Quad posters

The following statement is from Cornell University Vice President for University Communications Tommy Bruce on a recent incident on Cornell's Engineering Quad.

Early Wednesday morning, Oct. 22, a College of Engineering staff member noticed signs posted along a walkway on the Engineering Quad and removed them out of concern that proper authorizations had not been received. Signs on the Engineering Quad are typically limited to highlight College of Engineering activities.

After receiving information that the group, Cornell Coalition for Life, had indeed received the appropriate approvals for posting the signs - and after a meeting with members of the group and Engineering administrators - apologies were given and the group was told that it could repost the signs immediately. The signs were back on display that same morning. If there is more information on this matter, it will be posted at

We are aware that some have attempted to cast this incident in the context of the stifling of freedom of speech. Nothing could be further from the truth. This university has and will continue to respect and uphold the free-speech rights of all members of the Cornell community. And we continue to adhere to the principle that, in President David Skorton's words, "all perspectives and their proponents are welcome on our great university's campuses."