Staff Retirement Incentive application acceptance

I am pleased to announce that the university leadership has approved funding for all 432 applications to the Staff Retirement Incentive (SRI) program. Prospective retirees will receive a written notification delivered through the U.S. postal service to their respective homes addresses. In addition, all applicants received an e-mail notification today that includes information on the next steps that must be taken to complete the process.

To complete the application process, each prospective retiree will (a) talk with their supervisor and Human Resources lead to establish a retirement date, effective no later than June 30; (b) contact the Office of Benefit Services to complete the necessary paperwork needed to retire; (c) consult with retirement fund investment representatives; and, (d) for those near or above age 62, meet with a customer service staff member from the Social Security Administration. All these steps are outlined in the letter addressed to each prospective retiree.

To further facilitate the process, the Office of Benefit Services will conduct group meetings for those accepted into the SRI program in various locations across campus during the remainder of the month of April.

We will organize an opportunity for the campus to come together and celebrate the many contributions of our retiring colleagues. In the meantime, my colleagues and I, in the Division in Human Resources, are committed to assisting to make this transition as successful as possible.

Best regards,

Mary Opperman
Vice President for Human Resources