Flu update

Dear Colleague,

H1N1 flu is on the rise on college campuses, just as predicted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the health care community. Cornell is no exception.

Gannett has seen or spoken with over 291 students with influenza-like illness in the past two weeks, and especially over the Labor Day weekend. Since the new H1N1 virus is causing almost all cases of influenza in the country at this time, it is clear that the predicted second wave of H1N1 flu has come to Cornell.

One student living off campus has been hospitalized with complications related to the flu; but most students we have seen so far have had relatively mild illness and recovered fully with little or no intervention. Gannett is working closely with the New York State Department of Health, following public health guidance regarding testing, treatment, and surveillance.

At this time, there has been relatively little incidence among faculty and staff. Nevertheless, everyone is encouraged to follow the same advice given to students (see health information at www.gannett.cornell.edu). Gannett recommends you seek care from your primary care physician as necessary, especially if you have underlying health conditions that could put you at higher risk of complications (e.g., asthma, immune suppression, diabetes, disease of heart, lung, or kidney, current pregnancy, 65 years or older, providing care for a sick child under 5 years). Please stay home and take care of yourself if you are sick.

Please check back to the fluinfo site (cornell.edu/flu) for updates and use our flu phone line (607-255-0101) and fluinfo (flu-info@cornell.edu) mailbox with questions and concerns you have.


Thomas W. Bruce
Vice President, University Communications