Update on university recognition for Delta Kappa Epsilon

On November 22 the Cornell University Review Board revoked the recognition of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Effective Tuesday, December 17, Vice President Susan Murphy, responding to the appeal by DKE, upheld the revocation decision but reduced the loss of recognition period from a minimum of three years to two years.

According to Murphy's decision, the facility will remain open for the spring 2014 semester in accordance with the following conditions: the presence of a full-time live-in advisor, no alcohol permitted on premises, no social events or any drug or other violation. Any violation by an individual fraternity member will result in immediate removal from the house. Any group violation will result in immediate closure of the facility and the reinstatement of the three-year loss of recognition.

A membership review will be conducted before university recognition is restored. If recognition is restored, the chapter will be subject to two years of provisional recognition status and a required live-in advisor/house director in addition to a re-colonization process to be overseen by the national fraternity.

Tracy Vosburgh
Assistant Vice President for University Communications