Update on university recognition for Chi Psi fraternity

On May 2, 2014, the Cornell University Review Board revoked the recognition of the Chi Psi fraternity. Effective May 15, 2014, Vice President Susan Murphy, responding to an appeal by Chi Psi, upheld the revocation decision but reduced the loss of recognition period from a minimum of three years to two years, with the possibility of returning to probation after one year, and if certain conditions are met, provisional recognition status for the following two years.

According to Murphy's decision, once the chapter completes two years of lost recognition, or a year of lost recognition and a year of probation (if they so qualify), they may apply to return to campus. If accepted, they will be eligible to return under provisional recognition status for a period of two years before they may qualify for full recognition.

Murphy agreed to return the decision about whether the chapter facility will be closed or remain open to the House Corporation, with a number of conditions, including mandating a live-in advisor and prohibiting social events during lost recognition.

Joel Malina
Vice President for University Relations