Statement from Cornell University President Elizabeth Garrett

I have been diagnosed recently with colon cancer. I am receiving the best possible care from a team of doctors at Weill Cornell Medicine and am beginning an aggressive treatment program. Because of this treatment and my illness, I will be reducing my travel schedule and lightening my commitments over the next months. The senior leadership of the university will be handling many of my commitments, representing me and keeping me up to date as we continue to move Cornell forward to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

I am optimistic that with the support of my family, friends and the Cornell community, I will be able to resume a fuller schedule soon and manage this illness. Advances in research and clinical care in cancer offer great hope to patients like me, and Cornell and Weill Cornell lead in advancing science in this arena. I am truly grateful to all the wonderful friends and colleagues who are helping me out through this difficult process.

Elizabeth Garrett