Joint statement regarding revised immigration executive order

On Monday, March 6, President Trump signed a new executive order that makes a number of changes to his January 27 directive, later blocked by courts, that temporarily banned entry for nationals from seven predominately Muslim countries. Importantly, the new order does not affect nationals from Iraq, focusing on nationals from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Although the new order does not pertain to nationals from these six countries who hold valid U.S. visas or green cards, we remain concerned about the significant negative effects such limitations on entry pose to intellectual exchanges across borders. While the new order may have less impact on those currently in our campus community, concerns remain for our students and scholars who may be hesitant to travel outside the U.S. for fear the context may change again, for their family members who may be prevented from visiting, and for all those who will be prevented from engaging in free and open collaborations with scholars around the world.

Cornell is a truly global university, with more than a fifth of our students from countries outside the United States. As Interim President Hunter Rawlings indicated in his January message, we are committed to our diverse community and to our programs and scholarship throughout the world. Cornell leadership will continue to advocate for the societal importance of a fair and open immigration policy.

We remind everyone that we offer a number of informational and counseling services and updates on immigration-related executive orders. Cornell international students and scholars with any concerns about how this new executive order will affect them should contact the International Students and Scholars Office. We will continue to monitor this issue and post updates as developments warrant.

Barbara A. Knuth
Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

Ryan Lombardi
Vice President for Student & Campus Life

Laura Spitz
Vice Provost for International Affairs