Statement from VP Lombardi on off-campus altercation

Early this morning at an off-campus location, a verbal exchange between Cornell students including the use of racial slurs led to a physical assault and the arrest of one undergraduate student. Witnesses describe the student who was arrested for physical assault as having used racial slurs. Other students may also have been involved in this behavior, allegedly from a currently unaffiliated fraternity. I am appalled at this incident and will continue to condemn any action that targets the identities and the human dignity of our students. Such incidents of violence, even if they occur off-campus, are subject to disciplinary proceedings through the Campus Code of Conduct.

The university has launched an immediate investigation into the full circumstances of this incident. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the students responsible will be sanctioned and the ability of the fraternity to return to campus will no longer be considered. We are providing support to the victim and are engaging with witnesses to understand all of the details of the situation.

Cornell will not tolerate actions that impact the safety of our students.

Ryan Lombardi
Vice President for Student and Campus Life