Statement of Vice Presidents Ryan Lombardi and Fred Van Sickle on the Chi Chapter of Psi Upsilon and 2 Forest Park Lane

Late yesterday, we received correspondence from the Psi Upsilon alumni Board of Governors indicating their immediate plans to close the Chi Chapter at Cornell indefinitely. The Board of Governors also announced their intent to continue the currently scheduled renovations of the property located at 2 Forest Park Lane, and, upon completion in 2018-19, open it for the use of student organizations at Cornell that are dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive student community.

We appreciate this gesture by Cornell alumni of Psi Upsilon to help promote healing in our community and we will work with their Board of Governors in the coming months to finalize their intent and make plans for the future use of the property at 2 Forest Park Lane.

Ryan Lombardi
Vice President for Student and Campus Life

Fred Van Sickle
Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development