Statement about the proposed Turning Point USA event at Cornell

In order for the interests of our students to remain a key objective of on-campus events, Cornell University policy requires all events held on campus to be registered and sponsored by an organization that is affiliated with the University. Likewise, all events must be reviewed by a committee that helps to ensure an optimal environment for the free and respectful expression of ideas, consistent with our strong commitment to free speech.

In late August, the organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA) began prematurely advertising an event to be held on Nov. 13 on Cornell’s main campus in Ithaca, without contacting us. We notified them of our policy and, shortly thereafter, a group of four students established a Cornell student chapter of TPUSA and submitted a request to register such an event. For the last several weeks, the University has been reaching out to these students, but despite repeated efforts at engagement, the students have failed to take the steps required to complete the event registration process, including failing to attend planning meetings. As a result, recognizing the care and preparation required to execute successfully a significant event on a busy university campus, we are postponing consideration of this event at this time.

The planning of campus events requires a partnership between the sponsoring organization and the University administration. To the extent that the student group commits itself to the event planning process, we will be pleased to consider their application for an event at a future date.

Joel M. Malina
Vice President for University Relations