Statement from VP Lombardi on recent North Campus incidents

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

I write today to express my revulsion at the symbol of hate and anti-Semitism that was marked in the snow outside of a residence hall on North Campus late yesterday. I vehemently denounce such acts, which are clearly intended to intimidate members of our community. The swastika has historically been – and continues to be – used as a symbol of intolerance, terror and repression against vulnerable communities.

This is not the first such incident of a swastika that has been reported through campus mechanisms over the last 10 days. Support to the specific residential communities that were previously impacted has and will continue to be provided in those spaces. Resident Advisors in affected communities have held floor meetings, Residence Hall Directors have sent building-wide support and resource messages, and staff and students have filed bias reports and notified CUPD. Staff in Residential Life and the Dean of Students Office will convene a support gathering after Thanksgiving break to bring our community together and to provide additional support.

I specifically want to acknowledge and affirm our support for the Jewish members of our community who have faced the impact of anti-Semitism nationally and, unfortunately, now locally as well. It is our shared responsibility to denounce such cowardly acts. As President Pollack recently reminded us, let us all at Cornell continue to reject those that wish to incite harm, and continue our commitment to a community of support and inclusion.


Ryan Lombardi
Vice President for Student & Campus Life

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