Mental Health Review Final Report Available

Dear Ithaca Campus Community,

In the fall of 2018, President Pollack initiated a comprehensive review of student mental health. This initiative reflected the university’s commitment to promoting health and well-being as a foundation for academic and life success for all students. It also built upon the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate that identified bias as a public health issue because of its negative impact on mental health and well-being for many students.

The review comprised the work of two groups. A Mental Health Review Committee (MHRC), composed of staff, students, and faculty members, examined our academic and social environment, climate, and culture related to mental health. In addition, an External Review Team of national mental health experts examined how our mental health services and campus-based strategies align with the needs of our students. Both groups received input from a wide range of campus community members. With input from the MHRC, the external reviewers developed a final report that they submitted to the Campus Health Executive Committee in April 2020.

The recommendations in the report provide valuable guidance aimed at helping us become a stronger and healthier community. Nevertheless, the review was conducted prior to the pandemic and our most recent national reckonings with racial injustice. Therefore, it will be important for us both to draw upon the recommendations and to build on them with insights that reflect our current circumstances and expanded collective awareness of racism and its impact.

This fall, we were asked to lead an Executive Accountability Committee to review the report and prioritize recommendations. In turn, we are forming teams for leading change in three areas: academic community, campus community and clinical services. Student advisory groups will be consulted throughout the change process.

Lastly, we want to give the entire campus community an opportunity to provide input on the recommendations outlined in the report. We hope you will take time to review the report and share with us where you think our priorities should lie. The feedback form will be available until midnight on Sunday, Nov. 8.

We thank all of you who contributed to the findings in the report and appreciate your ongoing efforts to support the health and well-being of our community.


Kathryn Boor
Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Ryan Lombardi
Vice President for Student & Campus Life

Sharon McMullen
Assistant Vice President of Student & Campus Life for Health and Wellbeing

Lisa Nishii
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education