President Pollack condemns events at U.S. Capitol

What happened today in Washington D.C. is unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime. Like millions and millions of Americans, as well as people from around the world, I am horrified, disgusted, and deeply saddened by this violent attempt to overturn an election. Never could I have imagined citizens of our country storming our Capitol. It is time for all Americans to live up to the democratic ideals that have reflected what is best about our country since its founding, and for our nation to come together and heal the wounds that have emerged from the bitter divisiveness that has come to define our society. I condemn what happened today in the strongest possible terms, and I write this message because it is essential that all leaders speak out to oppose violence; to reject this affront to our democracy; and to lend our voices in a call for a peaceful transition to the new administration when our next president, Joe Biden, is inaugurated in two weeks.

Martha Pollack