Presidential Task Force on Undergraduate Admissions

Dear Cornellians,

Cornell’s commitment to diversity as reflected in its founding principle of “Any person… any study” is both historical and tied to Cornell’s academic mission, stemming from an understanding that a diverse community ensures better educational experiences, prepares students for the world they are entering and leads to better solutions to challenging problems.

Since our founding, we have strived to build the diverse and academically outstanding student body that is critical to advancing that mission. With that goal in mind, I have established a Presidential Task Force on Undergraduate Admissions, charged with developing and recommending a university-wide undergraduate admissions policy and principles of practice to guide the admissions offices supporting each college and school. It is my hope that through the work of the task force, we will be able to find new and effective ways to embrace Cornell’s founding principles and community core values: ultimately, attracting and supporting a world-class student body that is diverse across multiple dimensions and that exhibits excellence across an equally diverse range of attributes.

Learn more about the task force here and view a copy of the task force charge here.


Martha E. Pollack